Lars Hubatsch


Dr. Lars Hubatsch

Postdoc in the group "Mesoscopic Physics of Life"

E-Mail: hubatsch[at]pks.mpg(dot)de






Research interests

Pattern formation and phase transitions in biological systems

Developmental Biology 

Quantitative methods




Since Oct 2018      Postdoc in the Group "Mesoscopic Physics of Life", MPIPKS, Dresden (Germany)

2013 - 2018            PhD at The Francis Crick Institute, London. Developmental Systems Lab of Dr. Nathan Goehring, affiliated with University College London

2008 - 2013            German Diplom in Physics at Dresden University of Technology (combined undergraduate and Master’s program)

2011 - 2012            Academic exchange year abroad Université Paris Sud 11, France



Hubatsch L, Peglion F, Reich JD, Rodrigues NTL, Hirani N, Illukkumbura R, Goehring NW. A cell-size threshold limits cell polarity and asymmetric division potential. Nature Physics, August 2019.

Reich JD, Hubatsch L, Illukkumbura R, Peglion F, Bland T, Hirani N, Goehring NW. Regulated Activation of the PAR Polarity Network Ensures a Timely and Specific Response to Spatial Cues. Current Biology, June 2019.

R Aleksandrov*, A Dotchev*, I Poser, D Krastev, G Georgiev, G Panova, Y Babukov, G Danovski, T Dyankova, L Hubatsch, A Ivanova, A Atemin, MN Nedelcheva-Veleva, S Hasse, M Sarov, F Buchholz, AA Hyman, SW Grill, and SS Stoynov. Protein dynamics in complex DNA lesions. Molecular Cell, March 2018.

J Rodriguez*, F Peglion*, J Martin, L Hubatsch, J Reich, N Hirani, AG Gubieda, J Roffey, AR Fernandes,D St Johnston, J Ahringer, and NW Goehring. aPKC cycles between functionally distinct PAR protein assemblies to drive cell polarity. Dev Cell, August 2017.