Non-equilibrium field theory

Non-equilibrium field theory (winter term 2019/20)

Francesco Piazza and Steffen Rulands

Time: Tuesdays, 4:40pm

Location: Seminar Room 3
Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems
Noethnitzer Str. 38
01187 Dresden

Description: Non-equilibrium systems rely on an influx of energy from the environment to build and maintain complex spatio-temporal structures, prime examples of which are found in biological systems, financial markets and driven quantum systems. In this lecture, we will introduce field theoretic concepts for the description of many-particle systems far from thermal equilibrium. To begin, we will illustrate under which conditions a stochastic classical description emerges from the microscopic description of open quantum many-body systems. Guided by examples from various fields of science we will then introduce field theoretic methods for non-equilibrium many-particle systems and discuss critical and universal dynamics in such systems. By highlighting the mathematical similarities between quantum and classical many-particle systems we will elucidate the close relationship between condensed and living matter systems.

Required prior knowledge: second quantization, statistical mechanics, classical or quantum field-theory (helpful)