Internal members

Francesco Piazza

Group Leader

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Jad C. Halimeh


Research interests: dynamical phase transitions, quench dynamics in open systems, dissipative spin liquids.

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Kieran Fraser


Research interests: many-body quantum optics with fermionic atoms.

Tomasz Wasak


Research interests: polarons and polaritons in open systems; few-body physics; quantum metrology;

Christian Johansen


Research interests: Quantum field theory approach to Floquet open systems

Bernhard Frank


Research interests: quantum phases of strongly correlated matter coupled with quantum light 

Joint Members

Johannes Lang

PhD (Joint with W. Zwerger, TU Munich)

Research interests:  many-body quantum optics, strongly correlated fermions, field theory diagrammatic methods out-of-equilibrium.

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Peter Karpov

Post-Doc (Joint with M. Heyl, MPIPKS)

Research interests: crystallization and defects in classical and quantum systems;