Atomic Physics 2016

International Workshop on Atomic Physics
27 November – 2 December 2016

with focus days on
"Attosecond phenomena in condensed matter
and nanostructures"

In the past few years, the attosecond community has increasingly turned its attention to condensed matter systems and nanostructures.  Concepts borrowed from atomic physics have led to crucial insights into attosecond phenomena in condensed matter, such as interband contributions to high harmonic generation.  However, there are crucial differences in how solids interact with ultrafast laser pulses, compared to the traditionally studied gas targets.  These differences present both challenges and new opportunities for theoreticians.  One such example is the interaction of light with nano-structures, where the dipole approximation commonly used in atomic and molecular physics breaks down.  On the experimental front, a number of exciting observations have been made in the last few years, significantly elucidating key aspects of attosecond phenomena in nanostructures and bulk solids.  This year’s focus days will bring together leading theoreticians and experimentalists to help define future directions in the study of attosecond phenomena in condensed matter and at the nanoscale.

list of invited speakers

Jakob Andreasson (Prague)
Cord Arnold (Lund)
Heiko Bauke (Heidelberg)
Jamal Berakdar (Halle)
Jens Biegert (Barcelona)
Denys Bondar (Princeton)
Thomas Brabec (Ottawa)
Iva Brezinova (Vienna)
John Briggs (Freiburg)
Luca Castiglioni (Zurich)
Yi-Jen Chen (Hamburg)
Rui Ferreira da Silva (Berlin)
Louis DiMauro (Columbus, Ohio)
Nirit Dudovich (Rehovot)
Javier García de Abajo (Barcelona)
Stefanie Gräfe (Jena)
Peter Hommelhoff (Erlangen)
Seungchul Kim (Pohang)
Matthias Kling (Garching)

M Krishnamurthy (Mumbai)
Sivarama Krishnan (Chennai)
Matteo Lucchini (Zurich)
Yuya Morimoto (München)
Adi Natan (Stanford)
Takashi Oka (Dresden)
Christian Ott (Heidelberg)
Sergei Popruzhenko (Moskau)
Yulia Pushkar (Purdue)
James Rosenzweig (Los Angeles)
Daniela Rupp (Berlin)
Ulf Saalmann (Dresden)
Sascha Schäfer (Goettingen)
Martin Schultze (Garching)
Marc Stockman (Atlanta)
Josef Tiggesbäumker (Rostock)
Bernd von Issendorff (Freiburg)
Tomas Zimmermann (Zurich)

Scientific Coordinators

Alexandra Landsman 
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden)

Jan M Rost
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden)



Application has been closed.
The registration fee for the international workshop is 120 Euro and should be paid by all participants. Costs for accommodation and meals will be covered by the Max Planck Institute. Limited funding is available to partially cover travel expenses. 

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Scientific Program

Sunday, November 27: Welcome reception 7 to 9.30 p.m.
Scientific program: Monday, November 28 to Friday, December 2, 2016

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