Korrelationstage 2017

Scientific report

The meeting Korrelationstage is one of the central meetings in Germany for the strongly correlated quantum systems' community taking place every 2 years.  The goal is to give an overview over the most important developments in the field, and to provide a lively platform for discussion, exchange and networking especially for the German community.
In this year's event, ca 120 participants presented their results in ca. 80 talks distributed over 18 sessions and ca. 40 poster presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.
The topics covered by this workshop had a wide range, including nonequilibrium many-body physics, disorder and impurities, frustrated magnetism, reduced dimensions, topology, superconductivity, computational methods, and developments towards applications of correlated systems.
Particular emphasis was given to young researchers (>40 participants),  who presented their work in oral and poster contributions. In addition to the sessions, time for free discussions was available, which was used in a lively way and which helped to stimulate and promote exchange between young and senior researchers.

The Korrelationstage again was an important event that was scientifically stimulating and promoted the exchange among the community. The scientific organizers Salvatore R. Manmana, Sebastian Eggert and Andrew Mackenzie would like to thank the MPIPKS for the support and, in particular, Katrin Lantsch and her team for the organization of this workshop.