FFLO-Phase in Quantum Liquids, Quantum Gases, and Nuclear Matter

International Workshop
20 June - 24 June 2016

The Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov (FFLO) effect has enjoyed a lively and wide-ranged interest during the more than 50 years since its discovery. The range of fields where it has found applications includes superconductivity, spin-imbalanced cold fermionic gases, as well as in nuclear matter.

The FFLO state describes the appearance of Cooper pairs with a finite center of mass momentum as a result of a population imbalance of the fermions forming pairs. The imbalance can result, e.g., from a spin polarization due to an external or internal magnetic field, from Feshbach resonances, or from a difference in the chemical potential of up and down quarks. The aim of the workshop is to bring together the communities working on FFLO physics in the following systems:

Topics include

  • Heavy-fermion systems
  • Neutron stars
  • Nuclear matter
  • Organic superconductors
  • Spin-imbalanced cold atomic gases
  • Spin-Peierls systems in magnetic fields
  • Superconductor-ferromagnet hybrid systems

Invited speakers

C. Agosta (USA)
D. Agterberg (USA)
J. Annett (UK)
M. Blamire (UK)
S. Brazovskii (FR)
J.P. Brison (FR)
S. Brown (USA)
L. Bulaevskii (USA)
M. Croitoru (BE)
Y. Fominov (RU)
J. Gukelberger (CA)
H. Hu (AU)
S. Kasahara (JP)
J. Linder (NO)
K. Machida (JP
M. Mannarelli (IT)
Y. Matsuda (JP)
D. Mazzone (CH)
A. Melnikov (RU)
V. Mitrovic (USA)
V. Ryazanov (RU)
M. Ruggieri (CN)
A. Sedrakian (DE)
S. Uji (JP)
A. Volkov (DE)
W. Zwerger (DE)
G. Zwicknagl (DE)
M. Zwierlein (USA)

Scientific Coordinators

Alexander Buzdin
University of Bordeaux, France

Matthias Eschrig 
Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, UK

Jochen Wosnitza
Hochfeld-Magnetlabor Dresden, Germany


Amy Wright
Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany


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Scientific Program

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