Stochastic Thermodynamics: Experiment and Theory

International Workshop
10 - 14 September 2018

Stochastic thermodynamics describes the
fluctuating behaviour of small systems driven
out of equilibrium. Recent experimental advances
have led to precise experimental tests of
fluctuation relations and other novel universal
thermodynamic features at the mesoscale. This
workshop will bring together experimentalists
and theorists to discuss the state of the art and
future directions of this emerging, evolving

Topics include

    • Fluctuation relations
    • Uncertainty relations
    • Large deviations and extreme values
    • New universal properties
    • Small engines
    • Optimal thermodynamic protocols
    • Information thermodynamics
    • Thermodynamics of living systems

    Invited speakers

    Janet Anders (UK)
    Erik Aurell (SE)
    Andre C. Barato (DE)
    Clemens Bechinger (DE)
    Freddy Bouchet (FR)
    Raphaël Chétrite (FR)
    Livia Conti (IT)
    Massimiliano Esposito (LU)
    Pierre Gaspard (BE)
    Momcilo Gavrilov (US)
    Shamik Gupta (IN)
    Peter Hänggi (DE)
    Jordan M. Horowitz (US)
    Christopher Jarzynski (US)
    Frank Jülicher (DE)
    Katja Lindenberg (US)
    Eric Lutz (DE)
    Christian Maes (BE)
    Ignacio A. Martínez (ES)
    Antoine Naert (FR)
    Izaak Neri (DE)
    Juan MR Parrondo (ES)
    Jukka P. Pekola (FI)
    Félix Ritort (ES)
    Takahiro Sagawa (JP)
    Shin-ichi Sasa (JP)
    Udo Seifert (DE)
    Ken Sekimoto (FR)
    David Sivak (CA)
    Hugo Touchette (ZA)
    Shoichi Toyabe (JP)
    Christian Van den Broeck (BE)

    Scientific Coordinators

    John Bechhoefer
    (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada)

    Sergio Ciliberto
    (Laboratoire de Physique de I'ENS de Lyon, France)

    Simone Pigolotti
    (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Okinawa, Japan)

    Edgar Roldán
    (ICTP International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy)



    Mandy Lochar
    (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)


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    Scientific Program

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