Korrelationstage 2021

Virtual Workshop
15 - 20 April 2021

Many fascinating phenomena in quantum matter, ranging from exotic phases to unusual behavior out of thermal equilibrium, are rooted in the strong interactions between its elementary constituents. They are interesting from a fundamental point of view and at the same time extremely challenging to study.

The Korrelationstage have traditionally aimed at capturing the new developments in this active field, and focusing on the role of those junior scientists who drive them. In their present incarnation, the Korrelationstage focus on collective phenomena in condensed matter physics defined broadly, incorporating many recent developments in the physics of ultracold atoms.

Among the many problems thrown up by the pandemic is that young scientists have had few opportunities to integrate themselves into the community. This virtual event specifically aims at redressing this, by providing a platform for presenting their work, meeting colleagues, and becoming known in the community.

The format of the meeting will contain overview presentations, as well as research talks and poster sessions.

Research talks are to be presented exclusively by junior (non-tenured) scientists, but the poster presentations are solicited from everybody. Research talks will be selected from the submitted contributions.

We also plan to use the versatility of virtual conference platforms, specifically for audiovisual contributions at the poster sessions.


Topics include

  • Quantum magnetism
  • Non-equilibrium phenomena
  • Ultracold atomic gases
  • Tailored, e.g. Moire, materials
  • Topological phenomena and correlations
  • Numerical methods and machine learning approaches

Overview lecturers

Claire Donnelly
(University of Birmingham, UK)

Sean Hartnoll
(Stanford University, US)

Hannah Price
(University of Cambridge, UK)

Brad Ramshaw
(Cornell University, US)


Scientific Coordinators

Karin Everschor-Sitte
(Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz & Universität Duisburg-Essen, DE)

Roderich Moessner
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, DE)

Francesco Piazza
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, DE)

Roser Valentí
(Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, DE)


Katrin Lantsch & Maria Voigt
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, DE)

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The call for applications is closed.

Scientific Program

The scientific program of the virtual workshop can be found here.

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Technical requirements

Talks will be held via ZOOM.
For the poster presentations we will use BigBlueButton.
All accepted participants will receive the access data to join by email.