Probing Complex Quantum Dynamics through
Out-of-time-ordered Correlators

Moved from 2020 to 2021 due to covid-19

International Workshop
11 - 15 October 2021 

Scrambling, loss and possible retrieval of quantum information in many-body systems are important concepts presently studied in various setups. The workshop will discuss progress and future directions in the inter-related fields of information scrambling, complex quantum dynamics, chaos and criticality, by focusing on out-of-time-ordered correlators as a privileged tool. Quantifying the time-growth of operators provides a unifying paradigm that favors the convergence of different physics communities to be represented at the workshop, comprising both theory and experiment.

Topics include

  • Out-of-time-ordered correlators (OTOCs) as indicators for various types of quantum many-body dynamics
  • Relation of OTOCs to other measures of (in)stability and complexity growth
  • Experiments and experimental protocols
  • Generality of the bounds on chaos
  • OTOCs as tools to differentiate many-body and few-body quantum chaos
  • Semiclassical approaches to OTOCs
  • OTOCs, entanglement and quantum thermodynamics
  • OTOCs and the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis
  • Dynamical quantum phase transitions and many-body chaos near phase transitions

Invited speakers

A. Altland (DE)
S. Das Sarma (US)
A. del Campo (ES)
L. Ferreira dos Santos (US)
M. Gärttner (DE)
V. Galitski (US)
I. García-Mata (AR)
M. Heyl (DE)
C. Jarzynski (US)
M. Knap (DE)
J. Kurchan (FR)
A. Lakshminarayan (IN)
A. Lucas (US)
R. Moessner (DE)
T. Morita (JP)
H. Pastawski (AR)
X. Peng (CN)
A.M. Rey (US)
S. Sachdev (US)
T. Scaffidi (CA)
M. Srednicki (US)
S. Tomsovic (US)
M. Ueda (JP)
J.-D. Urbina (DE)
J. Verbaarschot (US)
C. von Keyserlingk (UK)
D. Wisniacki (AR)
N. Yunger Halpern (US)
W. Zurek (US)

Scientific Coordinators

Rodolfo A. Jalabert
(Université de Strasbourg, France)

Klaus Richter
(Universität Regensburg, Germany)


Katrin Lantsch
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)