Brain Dynamics on Multiple Scales - Paradigms, their Relations, and Integrated Approaches

International Workshop
19 - 23 June 2017

Previous research paradigms in the brain sciences have often focused on one spatial or temporal scale only, for instance defined by the experimental technique of choice or a specific set of cognitive phenomena. This workshop aims at exploring paradigms and concepts such as complexity, information, or dynamical systems that provide bridges, links, relations, or connections between two, three or more "elements of brain science" and link them to recent developments in mathematics, physics, and neurobiological experimental techniques.

Topics include

  • The brain as a complex system:
    complex networks, dynamics and criticality, understanding the interplay between structure, dynamics, and function.
  • Information processing and coding:
    what is the current state in using information­-theoretic principles like infomax, complexity measures, evidence, or surprise ­as tools to understand the brain?
  • Brain oscillations, waves and synchronisation:
    what are their functional roles?
  • Multiple scales and levels:
    what are proper "building blocks" of the brain or a brain theory?
  • Large­ scale cognitive brain systems:
    what are the best approaches to an understanding of high­ level cognitive and brain functions including consciousness?

Invited speakers

J. Cabral (UK)
R. Borisyuk (UK)
B. Cessac (FR)
M. Diesmann (DE)
S. Grossberg (US)
S. Haegens (US)
J. Jost (DE)
A. Kumar (SE)
C. Michel (CH)
G. Palm (DE)
F. Pulvermüller (DE)
E. Schneidman (IL)
S. Schultz (UK)
M. Timme (DE)
N. Tsuchiya (AU)
V. Vyazovskiy (UK)

Scientific Coordinators

Peter Achermann
(University of Zurich, Switzerland)

Eckehard Olbrich
(Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany)

Thomas Wennekers
(University of Plymouth, United Kingdom)


Mandy Lochar
(Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)


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Scientific Program

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